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Q)Please introduce yourself.

Name - Harsheen Jammu
Age - 27 
Profession - Photographer 
Place of birth - Ambala , Haryana
IIM passout.



Q) What made you reach here?

Art was a medium to channel my emotions when i was going through a rough patch in my early twenties . There was no motive , no expectations, but to enjoy what i was doing .


Q) What has your art brought to your life?

A) I was always a rebellious kind of a kid . I didn’t have a normal relationship with my parents due to the fact that I didn’t want to settle for anything less than i had thought for myself . Art has given me the wings to live my life on my own terms . Art gave me empowerment as a woman , a successful career . It made me independent enough to marry the love of my life.

Q) Where are you going?

My current vision is to help as many people to be the best version of themselves , making them capable enough to live life on their terms . Unfortunately or fortunately, the journey isnt about me anymore but taking forward all the people who are associated with me.


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