Krishna Dey

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Q)Please introduce yourself.

Hi my name is Krishna Dey. I'm 21 years old and I'm a graphic designing student. I was born in Assam, then moved to Rohtak,Haryana in 8th standard to complete my high school. After that  I moved to Delhi for my further studies and have been here for three years now.


Q) What made you reach here?

I started making videos as a hobby which gave me happiness, relaxation and mental peace. Then when it was time to choose a career, I found that nothing can be better than art. So the journey began and I've been loving what I am doing so far. The appreciation I received from my fellow artists motivated me a lot to deliver better and better work so I can bring happiness to them even for a short moment. The love and motivation has kept me going on my path and I hope to go a long way.

Q) What has your art brought to your life?

A) It has brought me the satisfaction of doing what i love to do most. It has given me to the opportunity to reach out to different cultures, places and know the world with a different feeling. I would say there is lot to come and much more to learn. My favourite work is my video named "For that moment in Delhi". It was my favorite and it is loved by thousands of people which brought  much more enthusiasm for me to work on more videos.

Q) Where are you going?

Experimenting with my skills is what I'm  doing now & looking forward to be on top of it with lots of good travel videos and share my experiences with you all.