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Q)Please introduce yourself.

A) My name is Devender Meena, age 23 and I am a student in post graduation and preparing for SSC exams currently. I was born in Rajasthan originally and then I came to Delhi with my family and been here ever since. I travel whenever I can through college and studies.

Q) What made you reach here?

I find solace in looking at the sunset so every few days I go a little bit farther to meet it. Doesn't matter what I'm up to in my life, I'm habitual of meeting those colours.


Q) What has your art brought to your life?

Art brought me peace of mind. Normally I get caught up with stress but when I have my camera in hand and I'm shooting, I'm only caught in the moment. Everything else is on one side and my moment steals all my attention, I have no worries. If I get one good shot, I celebrate it for the week to come. My favorite shot also happens to be my first print sale, someone from the Netherlands bought it. That shot has sold many times but the first time it sold, I was elated. My art brings me happiness. It makes me happy to share my joy with others and it makes me happy when others can find happiness in it.


Q) Where are you going?

I'm still experimenting with my style and preparing for exams side by side. I'm looking forward to having a day job as well as a creative career as I move forward.


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