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Q) Please introduce yourself.


A) Hi. My name is Roshan Singh, 30, born and raised in Assam, based in Delhi. I'm a full time Cyber Forensics professional who loves capturing stories and traveling to places as and when Time permits.

Q) What made you reach here?

A) The hunger to travel and the thirst to tell stories perhaps is the reason I am there where I'm supposed to be at but still have a lot to travel and yet to capture more amazing stories. 
What started as a fun activity in the beginning is what I love the most right now. I have always been amazed and motivated by all the art around and just trying to contribute my bit.


Q) What has your art brought to your life?

A) The best part of art is that it's a never ending learning process, it keeps you busy, it helps you when you're low in life and motivates you even more when you're shining, so it has given me everything I could ask for. It has helped me connect to beautiful souls and most importantly it has helped me to know a more about myself something I wouldn't have ever known. When it comes to my favorite piece of my own work, it has to be that moment I captured of a Father carrying a school bag in his shoulder while accompanying his son to the school. Such a simple, everyday image that I'm sure most of us could relate to.


Q) Where are you going?

A) You know work life balance is really important 
I will continue creating my art alongside my Job because I love them both. I self finance my travel and having a stable flow of income really helps you pay bills. Whatever money I earn from my art, how little it may be I invest it all on Travel and my photography gears. I wish to move to Himalayas and open a Cafe there someday and maybe share some art and travel stories with fellow artists/travelers there :)


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